Le conte merveilleux

Motifs du Motif-Index en addition au Catalogue Delarue Teneze

Conte Type T425 Motifs du Motif-Index de Thompson

Motifs du motif Index de Aarne et Thompson présents dans le type 425

F985.1. Black sheep turn white. (Cf. H1023.6.) Types 425, 428, 756C*

C758.1. Monster born because of hasty (inconsiderate) wish of parents. *Types 425, 430, 433B, 441

D721.3. Disenchantment by destroying skin (covering). *Type 425, 430, 440, 441

H1232. Directions on quest given by sun, moon, wind, and stars. *Types 425, 451

F92.1. Visit to lower world through hole made by lifting clumps of grass. Type 425, 480

L52. Abused youngest daughter. *Types 425, 510, 511, 709

B620.1. Daughter promised to animal suitor. *Types 425, 552

D621.1. Animal by day; man by night. *Types 425, 552A

S221.1. Bankrupt father sells his daughters in marriage to animals. (Sometimes to pay gambling debt.) (Cf. S215.) *Types 425C, 552A

H1333.1.1. Quest for singing tree. *Type 425, 707

T550. Monstrous births. *Types 425, 708

H15.1. Identity tested by demanding that person say again what he said on former occasion. (Impostor fails.) *Types 425, 870

H1385.4. Quest for vanished husband. *Types 425, 890

B640.1. Marriage to beast by day and man by night. (Cf. D621.)--*Type 425.

C32. Tabu: offending supernatural husband. (Cf. C36.)--*Type 425

C32.1. Tabu: looking at supernatural husband. *Type 425a

C121. Tabu: kissing supernatural husband. (Cf. C32.) *Type 425

C421. Tabu: revealing secret of supernatural husband. *Type 425A

C757.1. Tabu: destroying animal skin of enchanted person too soon. *Type 425

C761.2. Tabu: staying too long at home. *Type 425

C916.1. Trespass betrayed by dripping candle. (Cf. C31.1, C32.1.)--*Type 425

D1313.1. Magic ball indicates road. Rolls ahead. (Cf. D1256.)--Type 425

D766.3. Disenchantment by tears. *Type 425

D828. Magic object received from child. Type 425.

D1317.5. Magic ring gives warning. (Cf. D1076.)--Type 425

D1323.1. Magic clairvoyant mirror. Type 425

D1654.6. Ship refuses to move. (Cf. D1123.) Type 425

E482. Land of shades. Everything is done by unseen people. Type 425

F771.4.3. Abandoned castle. Has no inhabitants when hero enters.Type 425

H1114. Task: climbing glass mountain. *Type 425

H1125. Task: traveling till iron shoes are worn out. *Type 425

H1239.2. Objects of quest found in deserted castle where hero is served by unseen hands. Type 425

H1239.3. Quest accomplished by means of objects given by helpers. Type 425

K2220.0.1. Jealous rivals prevail on person to break tabu (prohibition). Type 425

L54.1. Youngest daughter agrees to marry a monster; later the sisters are jealous. *Type 425

L221. Modest request: present from the journey. Asked what her father shall bring her as a present, the heroine chooses a modest gift. It is usually a flower but sometimes does not turn out to be such a simple gift after all (golden cloak, golden apple). *Type 425

N681.1. Wife finds lost husband just as he is to marry another. Type 425

Q482.1. Princess serves as menial. *Type 425

S228. Daughter promised to monster as bride to secure flower (bird) she has asked for. *Type 425C

S252.1. Vain attempt to save promised child by use of substitute. *Type 425.

T111. Marriage of mortal and supernatural being. *Type 425

S222. Man promises (sells) child in order to save himself from danger or death. *Types 310, 425C, 756B, 500

D2003. Forgotten fianc‚e. Young husband visiting his home breaks tabu and forgets his wife. Later she succeeds in reawakening his memory. (For details of the ways in which the memory is lost and regained see D2004 and D2006.--*Type 313C, 425

D2006.1.4. Forgotten fianc‚e buys place in husband's bed and reawakens his memory. *Types 313, 425

G532. Hero hidden and ogre deceived by his wife (daughter) when he says that he smells human blood. *Type 327, 425, 461, 480

L50. Victorious youngest daughter. *Types 361, 425, 431, 440, 480, 510, 511, 707, 901, 923

F751. Glass mountain. *Types 400, 425, 451, 530

H1235. Succession of helpers on quest. One helper sends to another, who sends to another, etc. (Cf. H1241.) Types 400, 425, 516, 756B

C932. Loss of wife (husband) for breaking tabu. Aarne-Thompson Types 400, 425

H1233.1.1. Old woman helps on quest. Type 400, 425

Q502.2. Punishment: wandering till iron shoes are worn out. *Types 400, 425

D735.1. Beauty and the beast. Disenchantment of animal by being kissed by woman (man).--*Type 402, 425, 433A, 440

K2212.1. Treacherous stepsisters. *Types 403, 425, 432, 450, 510, 516, 592

L55. Stepdaughter heroine. *Types 403, 425, 432, 450, 480, 510, 709

S31. Cruel stepmother. *Types 403, 425, 432, 450, 451, 480, 502, 510, 511, 516, 590, 592, 706, 708, 709, 720