Le conte merveilleux

Motifs du Motif-Index en addition au Catalogue Delarue Teneze

Conte Type T480 Motifs du Motif-Index de Thompson
Motifs du motif Index de Aarne et Thompson présents dans le type 480

B350. Grateful animals. *Types 329, 480, 531, 554">554, 554">554*, 559

F451. Dwarf. (Underground spirit.) The dwarf, especially in Northern Europe, is considered an underground spirit. He is to be distinguished from the other conception of dwarf, viz., a very small person, pigmy, or thumbling (F535). Types 480, 403B

G244. Witch spins. Types 480, 501.

D1658. Grateful objects. *Type 480, 510

D1658.1.5. Apple-tree grateful for being shaken. (Cf. D950, D1610.2.0.1.) *Type 480, 510

L210. Modest choice best. Types 480, 580

P252.1. Two sisters. Type 480, 711, 426.

H1023.2. Task: carrying water in a sieve. *Types 480, 1180

A289.1. Frost-god. Type 480

D1658.1.2. Figs grateful for being praised even when ill-tasting. (Cf. D981.5.) Type 480

D1658.1.3. Bitter water grateful for being praised. (Cf. D1242.1.) Type 480

D1658.1.4. Continually slamming doors grateful for being fastened. (Cf. D1146.) Type 480

F93.0.2.1. Well entrance to lower world. Type 480

F133.5. Otherworld at bottom of well. *Type 480.

F234.2. Fairy in form of person. *Type 480

F441.2.1. Wood-nymph. Type 480

G219.9. Witch's back covered with nails and broken glass. Type 480

H1023.6. Task: washing black wool (cloth, cattle) white. Type 480

G466. Lousing as task set by ogre. *Type 480

H580.1. Girl given enigmatic commands must do the opposite. Type 480

H935. Witch assigns tasks. Type 480

H1192. Task: combing hair of fairies. Type 480

H1226. Pursuit of rolling cake leads to quest. Type 480

H1226.3. Pursuit of rolling golden apple leads to quest. Type 480

H1226.4. Pursuit of rolling ball of yarn leads to quest. Type 480

H1386.3. Quest for lost bird. *Type 480

H1461. Test: sitting up with corpse. Wake. Type 480

H1537.1. Bear demands that heroine play Blindman's Buff. Type 480

J229.3. Choice: a big piece of cake with my curse or a small piece with my blessing. Type 480

K141. Sale of a sausage filled with blood. Type 480*

L211. Modest choice: three caskets type. Objects from which choice is to be made are hidden in caskets (or the like). The worst looking casket proves to be the best choice. Type 480

N777.1. Adventures encountered in running after cotton being blown away by wind. Type 480

N777.2. Bucket dropped into well leads to adventures. Type 480

N777.3. Flax dropped into well leads to adventures. Type 480

N777.4. Spindle dropped into well leads to adventures. Type 480

N791. Adventures from pursuing object carried off by river. Type 480

N792. Adventures from pursuing objects carried off by bird. Type 480

N825.3.2. Old woman by spring as helper. *Type 480

Q41.2. Reward for cleansing loathsome person. Cleansing eyelids, bathing, lousing etc.Type 480

Q62. Reward for ability to keep secrets. Type 480

C912. Hair turns to gold as punishment in forbidden chamber. (Cf. C611.)--*Types 314, 480; Grimm No. 136

B350. Grateful animals. *Types 329, 480, 531, 554">554, 554">554*, 559

H1023.3. Task: bringing berries (fruit, roses) in winter. *Type 403B, 480

F92.1. Visit to lower world through hole made by lifting clumps of grass. Type 425, 480