Le conte merveilleux

Motifs du Motif-Index en addition au Catalogue Delarue Teneze

Conte Type T450 Motifs du Motif-Index de Thompson

Motifs du motif Index de Aarne et Thompson présents dans le type 450

P253.2. Sister faithful to transformed brother. *Types 450, 451

S142. Person thrown into the water and abandoned. *Types 450, 506, 612, 667*, 707

K2250. Treacherous servants and workmen. Types 450, 652

S410. Persecuted wife. *Types 450, 705, 706, 707, 708, 712, 872*

N711.1. King (prince) finds maiden in woods (tree) and marries her. *Types 450, 706, 710

H92. Identification by necklace. *Types 450, 870, 870A

D114.1.1. Transformation: man to deer. (Cf. B641.2.)--*Type 450

D555. Transformation by drinking. *Type 450

D555.1. Transformation by drinking from animal's track. (Cf. D578.)--*Type 450

D673. Reversed obstacle flight. Magic obstacles raised in front of fugitive.--Type 450

E67. Resuscitation by talking to corpse. Type 450

G36.1. Husband becomes cannibal from eating wife's breast. She cuts off her breasts and cooks them to feed her family. The husband thus acquires a longing for human flesh. *Type 450.

G72.1. Woman plans to eat her children. *Type 450; Grimm No. 143a

K1911.2.2.1. True bride lives in fish's belly. *Type 450.

K2222. Treacherous co-wife (concubine). Type 450

K2261.1. Treacherous gypsy. Type 450.

P253. Sister and brother. Type 450

S301. Children abandoned (exposed). *Types 327, 450, 590, 675, 920, 930

S143. Abandonment in forest. *Types 327, 450, 708, 872*

K1911.1.2. False bride takes true bride's place when child is born. *Types 403, 450, 480

S432. Cast-off wife thrown into water. (Cf. S142.) *Types 403, 450, 707

D161.2. Transformation: man to goose. *Types 403, 450

D688. Transformed mother suckles child. *Types 403, 450

D757. Disenchantment by holding enchanted person during successive transformations. *Types 403, 450

D762. Disenchantment by proper person waking from magic sleep. The enchanted person appears three times and if the sleeper does not wake by the third time the enchantment must last.--*Type 403, 450

E322.2. Dead wife returns to wake husband. *Types 403, 450

E323.1.1. Dead mother returns to suckle child. *Types 403, 450

G205. Witch stepmother. *Types 403, 450

K1911.2.1. True bride transformed by false. *Type 403, 450

K1911.2.2. True bride pushed into water by false. *Types 408, 450