Le conte merveilleux

Motifs du Motif-Index en addition au Catalogue Delarue Teneze

Conte Type T303 Motifs du Motif-Index de Thompson

Motifs du motif Index de Aarne et Thompson présents dans le type 303

D1971. Three-fold magic sleep. Husband (lover) put to sleep by false bride. Only on the third night (the last chance) he wakes. *Types 303, 313

R155.1. Youngest brother rescues his elder brothers. (Cf. L31.) *Types 303">303, 303">303*, 327**, 471, 551

G263. Witch injures, enchants or transforms. *Types 303, 442

D231. Transformation: man to stone. *Types 303, 471, 516

B375.1. Fish returned to water: grateful. Two special forms of this motif are common; in both the fish is returned to the water and rewards the captor. (1). The "King of the Fishes" form: a man captures the king of fishes (B243) who as a reward for the release tells the man to feed parts of his body (when he is later captured) to his wife and parts to certain animals. As a result the hero and congenital helpful animals (B311) are born: *Type 303(2) The "Fisher and his Wife" form. The king of the fishes in this case grants the man's wife the power of fulfilling all her wishes; *Type 555

B144.1. King of fishes prophesies hero's birth. *Type 303

B211.5. Speaking fish. *Type 303

B243. King of fishes. (Cf. B236.2.) *Type 303

E34.1. Resuscitation with head on backwards. (Cf. F511.0.6.) *Type 303

E761. Life token. (Cf. E760.) Object (animal, person) has mystic connection with the life of a person, so that changes in the life-token indicate changes in the person, usually disaster or death. *Type 303

E761.1.3. Life token: track fills with blood. *Type 303

F577.2. Brothers identical in appearance. *Type 303

G275.2. Witch overcome by helpful dogs of hero. Type 303

G405. Man on hunt falls into ogre's (witch's) power. Type 303

G451. Following witch's fire into her power. *Type 303.

G551.4. One brother rescues another from ogre. Type 303

G551.4.1. One foster brother rescues another from ogre. Type 303

K1311.1. Husband's twin brother mistaken by woman for her husband. *Type 303

N342.3. Jealous and overhasty man kills his rescuing twin brother. *Type 303

N772. Parting at crossroads to go on adventures. *Type 303

P251.5. Two brothers. Type 303

T69.1. 100 brothers seek 100 sisters as wives. (Seven--seven, fifty--fifty, etc.) Type 303*

T351. Sword of chastity. A two-edged sword is laid between the couple sleeping together. *Type 303

T589.3. Birth trees. Spring forth as hero is born; act as life tokens, etc. (Cf. T589.7.1.) Type 303

T589.7.1. Simultaneous birth of (domestic) animal and child. Type 303

Z210. Brothers as heroes. Type 303

B512. Medicine shown by animal. It heals another animal with a medicine (herb, water, etc.) and thus shows the man the remedy. Sometimes the medicine resuscitates the dead. (The animal is most frequently the serpent. (Cf. B491.)--*Type 160, 303, 590, 612

B311. Congenital helpful animal. Born at same time as master and (usually) by same magic means.- *Types 300, 303

F527.1.1. Red knight. Types 300, 303

H105.1. Dragon-tongue proof. Dragon slayer cuts out the tongues and uses them later to prove his identity as slayer. *Types 300, 303

L225. Hero refuses reward. Rides away without it. *Types 300, 303

R111.1.3. Rescue of princess (maiden) from dragon. *Types 300, 303

R111.6. Girl rescued and then abandoned. Types 300, 303