Le conte merveilleux

Motifs du Motif-Index en addition au Catalogue Delarue Teneze

Conte Type T501 Motifs du Motif-Index de Thompson

Motifs du motif Index de Aarne et Thompson présents dans le type 501
H915. Tasks assigned because of girl's (boy's) own foolish boast. *Type 501, 1525
G201.1. Three witches (hags) deformed from much spinning. *Type 501
J51. Sight of deformed witches causes man to release wife from spinning duty. They tell him that their deformity has come from too much spinning. *Type 501
M233. Three deformed witches invited to wedding in exchange for help. *Type 501
H911. Tasks assigned at suggestion of jealous rivals. *Types 328, 501, 531, 725
G244. Witch spins. Types 480, 501.
H1092. Task: spinning impossible amount in one night. (Cf. H1022.2.) *Types 500, 501, 708
D2183. Magic spinning. Usually performed by a supernatural helper. *Types 500, 501
H914. Tasks assigned because of mother's foolish boasting. The mother foolishly boasts to the king that the daughter can perform an impossible task (often spinning). *Type 500, 501