Le conte merveilleux

Motifs du Motif-Index en addition au Catalogue Delarue Teneze

Conte Type T460_B Motifs du Motif-Index de Thompson

Motifs du motif Index de Aarne et Thompson présents dans le type 460
H1292.8. Question (on quest): When will a ferryman be released from his duty? Answer: When he is able to get out of the boat and leave the oar in another's hand. Types 460, 461
H1292.9. Question (on quest): When will a certain water-animal be freed from an annoyance? (Various answers). Types 460, 461
H1284. Quest for sun for answer to questions. *Type 460, 461
H1292.1. Question (propounded on quest): Why has spring gone dry? Answer: Animal to be removed from its water-vein. Types 460, 461
H1292.2. Question (propounded on quest): Why does not a certain tree flourish? Answer: Gold is hidden under it (or a serpent is under its roots). Types 460, 461
H1292.4. Question (propounded on quest): How can the prince be cured? Answer: He must remove stone which he has spit out in the church. Types 460, 461
H1292.4.1. Question (propounded on quest): How can the princess be cured? Answer: She must recover consecrated wafer which rat has stolen from her first communion. Types 460, 461
Q521.5. Penance: ferryman setting people over a stream until relieved by another. *Types 460, 461
F12. Journey to see deity. Usually to the upper world. *Type 460A
H1263. Quest to God for fortune. *Types 460A, 460B
H1281. Quest to Fortune to seek fortune. *Type 460B