Le conte merveilleux

Motifs du Motif-Index en addition au Catalogue Delarue Teneze

Conte Type T510_A Motifs du Motif-Index de Thompson

Motifs du motif Index de Aarne et Thompson présents dans le type 510
E323.2. Dead mother returns to aid persecuted children. *Types 510A, 511, 923
B184.2.2. Magic ox. (Cf. B154.)--Types 510, 511
E611.2. Reincarnation as cow. (Cf. D133.1.) *Type 510, 511
E611.4. Man reincarnated as goat. (Cf. D134.) *Type 510, 511
B335. Helpful animal killed by hero's enemy. *Types 510, 533
T411.1. Lecherous father. Unnatural father wants to marry his daughter. (Manekine.) *Types 510B, 706
B394. Cow grateful for being milked. (Cf. B411.)--Type 510A
B411. Helpful cow. (Cf. B354.)--*Type 510A
B412. Helpful sheep. Type 510
B413. Helpful goat. Type 510
C761.3. Tabu: staying too long at ball. Must leave before certain hour.--*Type 510AB
D315.1. Transformation: rat to person. Type 510
D411.6.1. Transformation: mouse to horse. Type 510.
D813. Magic object received from fairy. *Type 510
D815.1. Magic object received from mother. (Cf. D842.)--*Type 510
D842.1. Magic object found on mother's grave. (Cf. D815.1.)--Type 510
D1050.1. Clothes produced by magic. *Type 510
D1473.1. Magic wand furnishes clothes. (Cf. D1254.1.) *Type 510
E366. Return from dead to give counsel. (Cf. V229.1.) *Type 510
E631. Reincarnation in plant (tree) growing from grave. (Cf. E632, D1610.2.) Type 510
F821.1.3. Dress of raw fur. Cat-fur, mouse-fur, or other undressed fur. *Type 510B
F821.1.4. Wooden coat. *Type 510B
F821.1.5. Dress of gold, silver, color of sun, moon and stars. *Type 510B
F823.1. Golden shoes. *Type 510
F823.2. Glass shoes. Type 510
F861.4.3. Carriage from pumpkin. Type 510 (Perrault's version).
H36.1. Slipper test. Identification by fitting of slipper. *Type 510
H94.2. Identification by ring baked in bread. *Type 510
H151.5. Attention attracted by hints dropped by heroine as menial: recognition follows. *Type 510
H151.6. Heroine in menial disguise discovered in her beautiful clothes: recognition follows. *Type 510
H151.6.2. Recognition because of imperfection of disguise. Type 510; Grimm No. 152.
H363.1. Bride test: wearing deceased wife's clothes. *Type 510B
J1146.1. Detection by pitch-trap. Pitch is spread so that footprints are left in it, or that shoe is left behind as clue. *Type 510
K521.4.3. Escape in humble disguise. (Cap o' Rushes.) *Type 510B
N711.4. Prince sees maiden at church and is enamored. *Types 510AB
N711.6. Prince sees heroine at ball and is enamored. *Type 510AB
K1815. Humble disguise. (Cap o' Rushes, Peau d'ƒne Allerleirauh.) Usually in rough clothing. (Cf. K521.4.3, K1812, K1816.) Type 510B
K1821.9. Disguise in wooden covering. *Type 510
K1911.3.3. False bride fails when husband tests her. Uses slipper test, jumping test, or the like. *Type 510
K1911.3.3.1. False bride's mutilated feet. In order to wear the shoes with which the husband is testing the identity of his bride, the false bride cuts her feet. She is detected. *Type 510
M21. King Lear judgment. A king flattered by his elder daughters and angered by the seeming indifference, though real love, of the youngest, banishes the youngest and favors the elder daughters. Type 510
M255. Deathbed promise concerning the second wife. Promises his dying wife that he will not marry unless the bride meets the specifications the dying wife imposes. *Type 510B
R221. Heroine's three-fold flight from ball. Cinderella (Cap o' Rushes) after meeting the prince at a ball (church) flees before identification is possible. Repeated three times. *Type 510
R255. Formula for girl fleeing: behind me night, etc. Behind me night and before me day that no one shall see where I go. *Type 510B
S322.1.2. Father casts daughter forth when she will not marry him. (Cf. T411.1.) *Type 510B
H111. Identification by garment. *Types 301, 510B, 451
H971.1. Tasks performed with help of old woman. Types 306, 510, 566, 567; Grimm Nos. 9, 14, 29, 122, 125, 133, 181, 186
K521.1. Escape by dressing in animal (bird, human) skin. *Types 311, 510B, 1137
D950. Magic tree. *Types 330, 510, 511
L52. Abused youngest daughter. *Types 425, 510, 511, 709
D1658. Grateful objects. *Type 480, 510
D1658.1.5. Apple-tree grateful for being shaken. (Cf. D950, D1610.2.0.1.) *Type 480, 510
T311.1. Flight of maiden (bridegroom) to escape marriage. Type 888*; cf. Type 510B